Mobile Video & Navigation

We want your vehicle a more enjoyable place to be.  So whether you are an on the go businessman looking for easy to use in dash navigation or parents wanting a pair of headrest monitors for their young children on long drives, we can help.

GPS Navigation

When traveling in a new area you want to keep your attention on the road, not on your GPS.  We offer many GPS systems that are integrated into the stereo system of the vehicle.  These units give you clear and concise turn by turn directions, quickly and easily guiding you to your destination.  Voice commands, built in bluetooth and other connectivity can increase the functionality of these units.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Do you have young children riding with you?  Have you heard "are we there yet?" one too many times?  If you said yes then a rear seat entertainment system would bring some much needed peace and quiet to your vehicle.  We offer single screen ceiling mounted units with built in DVD players, or dual screen headrest units that allow each back seat passenger to be watching something different.  Want to add your kid's favorite gaming console?  No problem.  A small power inverter can be cleanly installed so they can play any game, any time - helping you focus on the road ahead instead of on whats going on in the back seat.

Large Inventory

We invite you to stop by today, and check out our full line of mobile video and navigation units.  We have a wide variety in stock so you can test them out for yourself and decide which will suit your needs best.

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