Window Tinting

At Sounds & Motion, we take pride in our professional window tint installation.  All of our films come with a lifetime guarantee against peeling, bubbling, or color fading. 

There are many reasons for having window tint installed on your vehicle. 

Enhance your vehicles appearance

One of the biggest reasons we see for tinting a vehicle's windows is to upgrade the appearance.  The next time you see a TV ad for a new car, pay close attention to the windows.  Are they tinted?  You bet they are!  Why is that?  Well, vehicle manufacturers know that having the windows tinted makes the vehicle look better, and of course they are going to do everything they can to make their vehicle look as nice as possible.  Take a look at some of the pictures in our photo gallery and it quickly becomes very obvious - adding window tint to a vehicle makes it look sharp.

Block Heat

Another motivating factor to add window tint to your vehicle is the heat rejection that it offers.  Have you ever gotten into your car after it was parked in the sun?  The leather feels like its melting into your skin, and breathing makes your lungs feel like you are in an oven!  We have all been there - these are the times where you wish your windows rolled down faster.  Adding window tint to your vehicle can help block up to 85% of the solar energy from entering your vehicle, which drastically reduces interior temperatures.  This becomes even more important if you have young children in the back, or the family pet.


Maintaining privacy is yet another reason to have tint installed.  Your vehicle most likely contains some of your favorite stuff.  Your MP3 player, CD collection, or even that nice stereo system.  And you would like to keep your stuff just that, YOURS.  Meaning anything you can do to block prying eyes from seeing in will help.  With the addition of window tint onto your vehicle, you will no longer need to worry about these things being left out in plain sight, tempting would-be thieves.

Filing at no additional charge

Additionally, any film installation on a roll-down window will include "filing" at no extra charge.  This premium service allows the film to go to the very edge of the window.  There will be no gaps or untinted areas.  At nearly every other tinting facility this would be an extra charge.  However, we are proud of the work that we do, and we want your vehicle looking just as nice as you do.

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