Marine Audio

When you are out on the water, you want a stereo system that is going to produce good sound, even when cruising across your favorite lake.  The marine environment has many special considerations.  Wind noise robs your stereo of output and clarity.  The marine environment torture tests every piece of equipment.  Being able to control you stereo system from the location you want is a must.

Professional Installation

Sounds & Motion has the expertise to install a stereo in your boat that will provide you with many years of enjoyment out on the water.  We offer the best brands in the business.  Products are put through rigorous marine testing to prove them capable of standing up to harsh salts, mosture, and vibration. 

Large Inventory

Sounds & Motion stocks a wide assortment of marine audio equipment.  Whether you are looking for a simple speaker replacement in your pontoon boat or an all out stereo for your sleek new wakeboarding boat, we have the products in stock!  This helps us keep turnaround times as quick as possible, and gets you back on the water sooner!

Stop in today and listen to what we have to offer.  With the addition of wireless remote controls, iPod integration or sattelite radio we can make your boat the favorite hangout place for your family and friends.

Have a question about marine audio?  Check out our Marine Audio FAQ